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Window Replacement Wilmington DE

Legacy Contractor LLC should be your first call if you need a window replacement in Delaware. We have been servicing window and doors in Wilmington and Newark for many years and are proud to be the number one recommended company for window replacement and window installation. As general contractors in Newark, DE we understand the importance of high-quality windows and doors in your home.

There are many benefits to investing in installing new windows and doors in your home such as energy efficiency and overall security of the home. Another reason why a homeowner may choose to replace their windows and/or doors is for aesthetics. Windows, of course, fill a room with a plethora of gorgeous and natural light, making your home appear bigger and fresher. Did you know that newer homes are being built with more and more windows? A home with less natural light shows its age. Installing a few more windows in your home will greatly increase its market value, making it a wise investment when it comes to home improvement. 

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Window Installation Wilmington DE

Your current windows may be bringing in a lot of natural light, but that is not all they are bringing in with them. Single-pain or outdated windows make for drafty homes in the winter and toasty homes in the summer. Why does this matter? Here is an example. Let’s say it is a cold winter day so you have your heater set to 69 degrees. If your old windows are letting cold air in, your heating system is going to be competing with the draft all day causing your utility bill to increase drastically. Newer, probably installed, double-pane windows keep the cold air out, meaning that your HVAC system can keep up! The same goes for your AC on a toasty summer day. Quality windows are a must have for any household!

Has a new front door been on your mind? A door is quite literally the entrance and first impression of your home. At Legacy Contractor LLC we believe that a door should be…

  1. Secure
  2. Beautiful
  3. Durable
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Window Replacement Delaware

nterior doors can really show the age of wear of your home. You would be amazed at how replacing interior doors brings a new life to home. If your doors are swelling, not latching, yellowing, or have significant wear and tear; it may be time to get a quote. Choose from countless styles from farmhouse, mid-century, or modern. The customization doesn’t stop there. A door is an accent and will traditionally match the color of your trim. We will make sure your door is finished with the perfect color to create the aesthetic and longevity that you expect.

Give us a call today for your free quote and consultation. Our highly trained staff is looking forward to your call and serving you!