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Legacy Contractor LLC is the number one choice for painters in Delaware and painters in Newark. We offer exceptional service at unbelievable prices. A fresh coat of paint can do more than refresh your home, it changes it completely! Whether you are wanting to completely upgrade your curb appeal or change the aesthetic of your interiors, we have got you covered. Our highly trained staff and team has decades of collective experience in exterior and interior painting. Our in-depth knowledge of quality products, finishes, longevity are what set us apart from the competition. With no project too big or small, give us a call for your free quote today.

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Painters in Newark

Paint is an affordable way to drastically change the look and value of your home. An exterior paint job can breathe new life to the curb appeal of your house. If your current exterior paint is fading and stripping then it is time to give us a call! We will come take a free look and let you know if the best course of action is a trim touch up or a repaint!

If you aren’t in love with the current exterior colors of your home, we are here to serve you! Typically a home exterior has three colors. The options are endless when it comes to pairing these colors for a beautiful and harmonious space. How do you choose the perfect color combination for your next exterior paint job? Here are our top tips!

  1. Choose a shade range! Do you want a light, medium, or dark aesthetic to your home exterior?
  2. Consider the color of your roof and its undertones.
  3. Account for lighting. We typically recommend going a few shades warmer than your desired outcome. Call for more information.
  4. Find inspiration. Pinterest is a great resource for this!
  5. SAMPLE! This is SO important. Sunlight can pull different undertones at different times of the day. Testing and checking the color a few times throughout the day is critical in finding the perfect hues.
  6. Choose trim and accent colors.
  7. Hire a team of professionals that you trust and ask them for their opinion.
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Choosing interior paint is a similar but simpler process as the harsh sunlight won’t play as big of a role in the decision. Legacy Contractor LLC would recommend sampling and hiring professional painters so your room or home as the exact aesthetic that you have been craving. 

If you would like more tips or your complimentary quote please feel free to give us a call today to schedule a meeting. Our highly- equipped staff is ready to serve you and your home. We are the number one painters in Delaware for a reason. Find out for yourself why! Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!