Kitchen Remodeling Delaware

It is no mystery that the kitchen is the heart and center of your home. It where food is enjoyed, homework is done, coffee is brewed, and days are started. Whether you love to cook or primarily microwave, having a functional and beautiful kitchen is essential to any home. Legacy Contractor LLC has years of experience renovating and remodeling kitchens of every size and style. We are the leading experts in home improvement Delaware specifically specializing in kitchen remodeling Delaware. We offer free quotes and free consultations so you can feel great about your upcoming kitchen remodeling project.

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Kitchen Remodeling Newark DE

Homeowners who invest in a kitchen remodel can expect on average a 90% return of investment when selling their home. Not planning on selling? There are a laundry list of reasons that a homeowner may choose to update their kitchen. The main reason is that a kitchen really shows age even it is in immaculate condition! A retro kitchen from 1955 may be immaculate and functional but appear outdated and drab. Other reasons it may be time for a kitchen update or remodel with Legacy Contractor LLC your first choice with kitchen remodeling Wilmington Delaware.

  1. Deterioration- if your kitchen is literally falling apart from age.
  2. Energy Savings- your utility bill will love new appliances.
  3. Change- craving a new and fresher aesthetic
  4. Lifestyle- you may need a breakfast nook or bigger pantry
  5. Value- increase in market value of the home
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Kitchen Remodeling Wilmington

There are varying levels of a kitchen renovation and remodel. Legacy Contractor LLC, number one kitchen remodeling in Newark DE, has a team of highly trained and dedicated staff who are ready to assist you in making your dreams a reality. Some homeowners, who are flipping a home for example, may need a complete remodel. This type of project includes full demolition, knocking down walls, and rebuilding from the ground up. Other homeowners who are craving a refresh may choose to resurface their current cabinets, update appliances, and install new flooring. Whatever your vision or situation, if you need a kitchen remodel in Delaware we are the contracting company for you. 

We offer fair pricing, astounding craftsmanship, full-service consulting, and an experienced team. Call today for a free quote and consultation for your kitchen remodel in Wilmington or wherever you are in Delaware!

Check out what other customers are saying about our remodeling services by reading through our testimonials! You will not be disappointed and your free quote is risk free!

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