Bathroom Remodeling Delaware

Did you know that in your lifetime you will likely spend an average of 2000 hours in the bathroom? Needless to say, you want your bathroom to be a space that you thoroughly enjoy. A bathroom should be functional, beautiful, and clean. As your leading expert in bathroom remodeling Delaware, we know exactly how to achieve a beautiful bathroom that is equal parts beautiful and functional. When designing your new space we take a lot factors into account. A few examples are the functions currently missing from the space. This may include storage, a soaking tub, lighting, a double vanity, etc. Next we look at the beauty of the room. What feeling do you want when entering the space. Do you want it to be bold, spa-like, art centered? A great resource to find your perfect bathroom inspiration in Pinterest! We take cleanliness and safety very seriously when it comes to bathroom remodels so we will also recommend quality products with anti slip properties. 

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As your go-to company for general contracting Wilmington and overall general contracting in Delaware; we understand that the right investments made into your home really pay off. While a bathroom remodel may seem like such a small area in your home, it can skyrocket your property value. Having remodeled bathrooms is set to make the selling process easy and fast as this is something potential buyers are looking for in a home. Research shows that you won’t lose when it comes to a bathroom remodel.

Top 5 reasons you may want a bathroom remodel.

  1. Greatly increase homes sale value
  2. Outdated, inefficient plumbing
  3. Increase in mold or mildew
  4. Need for more storage and/or other functionalities 
  5. Outdates features and aesthetics  
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Which category do you fall into? Some clients have a myriad of reasons for their upcoming remodel. Whatever your circumstance we are excited to work with you and give your bathroom(s) some much needed TLC. Call us today for a free consultation and quote. There is no job to big or small! We can handle a full scale remodel, such as adding in a bathroom or expanding your current bathroom space. This a great option for growing families who need more functionality. Our team is also fully equipped to make more budget friendly updates to your bathroom that pack some serious punch such as,

  • updated vanity
  • new paint
  • retiling
  • piping
  • updated fixtures

Not sure exactly what your bathroom needs, but ready to increase your home value. Give Legacy Contractor LLC, you number one general contracting company in Delaware, a call for your complimentary quote. Our team is standing by waiting to serve you on your bathroom remodel project.